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Pay globally without visiting your local bank.

Pay globally without visiting your local bank.

How to make an IBAN, SEPA Payment from the USA, Canada, Australia and many more.
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IBAN accounts or “International Bank Account Numbers” are used within Europe to make payments instantly between any IBAN customers in Europe. Most transactions are instant, however smaller banks may still release funds in batches causing small delays.

As a connected world more customers outside Europe find the need to make a payment to an IBAN and often ask the best way to do this.

The old answer used to be to go to your bank and do a “International Wire” or SWIFT payment.

However, in 2022 things have changed dramatically and such payments can be done cheaper and faster (instantly in most cases) using licensed Payment providers.


Current options include:

1.  Wise (Formally TransferWise)

2.  (PayPal company)

3.  Remitly





In the USA you can also send money internationally over the counter at your local Walmart. has fast become the leader for fast, cheap, and reliable international transfers. Simply go to the website, signup and you can load your money from your existing bank to instantly. Select the option to “Send Money” and you will have sent your first payment easily. Money transferred from to an IBAN in Europe is instant in most cases.


Many clients in the USA are familiar with PayPal but few are aware that they have another business assisting clients in the USA to make instant international money transfers via



Follow these steps to make an international transfer with PayPal:


Log in to PayPal: Go to and log in to your account.

Navigate to Send: Go to the ‘Send & Request’ tab and select ‘Send Money Abroad.’

Select Country: Select the country you are sending to

Choose Delivery Method: Choose how you want the funds to be delivered to your recipient. If you are sending money to someone who does not have a PayPal account, you might find that you are directed to Xoom, which is also owned by PayPal but has slightly more flexible options for sending money abroad.

Enter Amount: Enter how much you would like to send and the currency you are converting to.

Check the Fees: You should automatically be shown the fees you will be charged and how much your recipient will receive on the other end. If you are happy with all the information displayed, click ‘Next.’

Enter Details: Enter your recipient’s details (email address or phone number).

Confirm and Send: If you’ve confirmed all the details are correct, you can click ‘Send Money’ and complete the transfer.


As you can see sending money internationally is now as easy as sending money domestically. Fast cheap and reliable options exist, and you no longer need to go visit your local bank branch and fill out paperwork.


If you are looking to accept payments from Europe you can sign up at for your very own IBAN account number and start accepting payments. See:




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