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IBAN for Global Payments

IBAN for Global Payments

Have an offshore company but struggle to get a Bank Account? Here is the solution.
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Many online companies today have offshore Companies for a variety of reasons. But the common problem is not opening the company but how to get a Bank account.

HowToPay has solved this problem with many online and small business clients opting to get a “International Account Number” or IBAN.

An IBAN is based out of Europe and well connected to be able to send and receive funds via SEPA just like any other European Bank account.

Except is not a Bank it’s a Fintech company based in Europe with global Payment options and much more than any regular old school bank.

With services such as Payment Requests, POS and multi-currency Digital wallets just the start of the amazing offering we help you to get your business started trading immediately.

We also offer API’s to connect many online shopping carts to our payment solutions so you can get trading in many countries immediately.

No matter what country you set up your company, you can now have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for your business today online without needing to visit the bank.


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