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The HowToPay digital wallet app is a smartphone application to make QR and online Payments.

HowToPay SAAS Solutions

HowToPay SAAS Solutions

HowToPay Software as a service (SAAS)
HowToPay HowToPay

HowToPay has been operating for over 20 years assisting small and medium sized businesses with software solutions.

We developed a specialised billing system for Telecommunication providers, and now provide Payment and Billing services for all sectors.

With extensive knowledge in hosting and ecommerce, we have grown to a large global team of experienced software developers.

Unlike others, we operate our own Private Cloud. This means we own all our own hardware and servers. By having full control of the hardware this has given us many advantages for performance and security.


We continue to develop new systems and solutions for our clients, including but not limited to:

  1. Ecommerce hosting.
  2. PCI Compliance.
  3. KYC AML solutions.
  4. Payment and Billing API integrations.
  5. Digital Wallets.
  6. Mobile App development.
  7. Billing systems.
  8. Integrations to 3rd party Gateways and API systems.
  9. Data Center support and System Administration.
  10. Internet Security Services including data penetration testing.
  11. POS Software and solutions for Retail payments and systems.
  12. Banking and Payment software for the FINTECH industry.


As we grow, so do our clients. With experience from years of development, we have some of the best Mobile Apps including Digital Wallets and online payment platforms.

More than 30 Developers and 40 support staff work in-house, 24/7, providing solutions others simply can not.

If you are looking for a solution for Payments and Billing in the FINTECH industry, then choose HowToPay.