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Confidia Limited Unveils Innovative HowToPay POS Solution
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In a significant step forward for the point of sale (POS) industry, Confidia Limited has proudly launched its groundbreaking HowToPay POS system, offering both software and all-in-one hardware options. This launch marks a notable innovation in the POS sector, especially for restaurants, Bars, Clubs and other general hospitality industries seeking efficient and modern solutions.

The HowToPay POS machines, powered by Android, are designed for convenience and efficiency. They feature dual screens, an integrated RFID reader, and a built-in printer, encapsulating all necessary functionalities in one compact unit. This design is particularly advantageous for restaurants looking to streamline their operations.

One of the key strengths of the HowToPay POS system is its cloud-based software. Developed in response to the specific challenges faced by several restaurants with existing off-the-shelf software, this SAAS solution stands out for its ease of setup and use. Restaurant owners can quickly set up their accounts via a web browser, making the system ready for immediate use.

The cloud-based nature of HowToPay POS allows for remote live updates and monitoring of sales and stock performance, a feature not commonly found in other POS software. This real-time management capability is essential for dynamic restaurant environments.

In line with the growing trend towards digital payment solutions, HowToPay POS includes a free version that integrates the HowToPay Digital Wallet. This allows customers to make payments using digital wallets and QR codes, enhancing the contactless payment experience in the post-COVID world.

A standout feature of HowToPay POS is its focus on staff engagement and performance. The system includes innovative functions like automated commissions and staff attendance tracking. These features not only incentivize staff but also help in identifying high-performing employees, thereby boosting sales and growth.

Confidia Limited emphasizes the adaptive nature of the HowToPay POS system. With weekly updates based on customer feedback, the software continuously evolves to become more stable and intuitive, outpacing many competitors in the market.

Looking to the future, HowToPay POS plans to integrate with supply chains and sales channels for food and product delivery, such as UBER Eats and FoodPanda. This expansion is set to revolutionize the POS industry, especially in the context of a rapidly changing market landscape driven by recent global events.

Additionally, the forthcoming versions of the software will include supplier price lists, offering restaurant owners the ability to compare and select the best prices for supplies directly through the POS system. This feature is expected to significantly reduce costs and boost profits for businesses using HowToPay POS.

Complementing its technical prowess, HowToPay POS also offers exceptional customer support. The 24/7 real-person assistance includes help with menu changes, price adjustments, and full remote setup of the POS system, ensuring that restaurants can start using the system with minimal setup time.

The flexibility of HowToPay POS is another major advantage. It is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, OSX, and Android, and can be used with existing hardware or Confidia Limited's all-in-one POS machines. This versatility makes it an accessible option for a wide range of restaurant types and sizes.

In an industry still dominated by outdated and non-internet-connected systems, HowToPay POS emerges as a much-needed solution, offering a modern, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional POS systems. With its innovative features and future-oriented approach, HowToPay POS is poised to redefine the POS experience for restaurants worldwide.


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