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Approved for use by the Revenue Department in Thailand

Approved for use by the Revenue Department in Thailand

HowToPay POS Now Approved for Use in Thailand by the Government
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In a significant development for retail and hospitality technology in Thailand, Confidia Limited's innovative Point of Sale (POS) system, HowToPay POS, has officially received approval from the Thai Government's Revenue Department. This clearance marks a crucial milestone for Confidia Limited, allowing the company to expand its reach within the Thai market.

The approval process, overseen by the Revenue Department responsible for taxation, was rigorous, ensuring that HowToPay POS met all the necessary standards and regulations for use within Thailand. This formal approval underscores the reliability, security, and compliance of the HowToPay POS system with Thai laws and regulations.

HowToPay POS sets itself apart from other POS systems available in the market through its cloud-based technology. This innovative approach allows for both new and old hardware to run the software efficiently, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. The system is designed to be user-friendly, offering support for QR menus, PromptPay QR payments, waiter bill tagging, and a multitude of other features that are not commonly found in other POS systems.

The development team behind HowToPay POS, based in Thailand, recognized the need for a modern, easy-to-use, and advanced POS solution that not only caters to multilingual users but also addresses the specific needs of the local hospitality industry. Their understanding of these requirements has led to the creation of a POS system that is both innovative and highly functional.

Businesses interested in adopting the HowToPay POS system can benefit from its free download availability. Moreover, Confidia Limited provides extensive support for its clients, including remote assistance for menu uploads, POS setup, and full updates through their support team accessible at [email protected]. For those seeking additional support and features, subscription services are now available, offering enhanced capabilities tailored to the unique needs of each business.

This approval by the Thai Government not only signifies a leap forward for Confidia Limited in terms of market expansion but also provides Thai businesses with access to a cutting-edge POS solution designed to meet their evolving needs. With HowToPay POS, businesses can look forward to improving their operational efficiency, customer service, and overall profitability in an increasingly digital marketplace.

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