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HowToPay POS Android all in one system

HowToPay POS Android all in one system

Confidia Limited Unveils Revolutionary FINTECH Ecosystem
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Revolutionizing Global Payments with HowToPay POS Mobile and Web apps.

Date: 01/02/2024

Location: Sydney Australia

In a groundbreaking move in the fintech industry, Australian public company Confidia Limited has unveiled a complete FINTECH ecosystem, integrating cutting-edge technologies like online payments, digital wallet mobile apps, and a modern cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system. Spearheaded by its visionary Founder and CEO, who boasts over 25 years of experience in payment and billing software, Confidia is now set to revolutionize how businesses and individuals engage in financial transactions globally.

The core of this innovation is the integration of various financial products into a unified 'Fintech Ecosystem'. This comprehensive approach aims to open the system to accept payments from a multitude of global digital wallets and other digital and offline payment solutions. A key feature is the incorporation of fast and cost-effective VRP (Ripple blockchain-compatible QR codes), enabling users from different platforms to participate in a wider global payments market.

Confidia's flagship,, stands at the forefront of this revolution. Having served over 2 million users worldwide, continues to expand rapidly, adding as many as 1500 new users daily to its payment network - a growth achieved without any dedicated marketing efforts.

Moreover, Confidia's offering of white-label access to its online banking, payments, and mobile apps is a game-changer. This enables other fintech companies to enter markets faster and more cost-effectively than traditional providers. Recent network additions have seen fully branded and live solutions launched in under a month, setting a new industry benchmark.

The newly introduced "HowToPay POS" system is a testament to Confidia's commitment to innovation. This cloud-based POS system, already in live production for over six months, is continuously improved by a dedicated team of developers. It offers unique features like separate kitchen operations, multisite management, online menu, and item pricing adjustments. These functionalities allow business owners to monitor transactions and make changes remotely, a convenience unparalleled in the industry.

A crucial aspect of this POS system is its seamless integration of diverse payment options, including card payments and digital wallet transactions. The system is designed for ease, with machines arriving fully set up and ready for immediate use - a true plug-and-play solution.

Expanding its hardware offerings, Confidia has introduced Android POS machines available for a nominal subscription fee. Starting at $49 per month, businesses can access 24/7 full remote support along with all features included. This integration extends to partnerships with wholesale suppliers and online delivery platforms, further enhancing the profitability and reach of retail businesses.

The demand for this innovative POS system is evident, with the first batch of 100 beta test machines quickly being deployed and operational within days of factory delivery.

As Confidia and HowToPay continue to advance in the global payments market, they stand in an enviable position. With a wealth of experience and a fleet of interconnected products accessible via simple API, they are poised to extend their influence even further in the fintech world. The future indeed looks bright for Confidia Limited and its HowToPay brand, as they redefine the landscape of global financial transactions.



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