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ACH Payments in the USA

ACH Payments in the USA

ACH replacing Zelle Payments in the USA
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We have taken major steps to improve the payments options for our merchants in the US and have added new card options that make it easier and more convenient for clients to pay.


In the coming weeks we will be introducing brand new robust solutions for the US market. This will improve the coverage of payments along with providing more secure and instant solutions. The removal of Zelle was a commercial decision based on several factors however the introduction of card facilities and other direct ACH options will allow for even further reach to a larger number of USA based customers.


Zelle has informed us that it was not designed for large scale use or business. It was intended for C2C and not C2B.


Credit Card and ACH options are now being rolled out for all merchants processing payments from the USA. This will be a far better option with greater stability.


ACH Payments are automated, faster and provide far less problems. This is a similar way that PayPal in the USA allow customers to add funds to there PayPal wallet and as such is a more well-known solution. ACH Payments are provided by our US based licenced MSB partner.


No changes are required to your side or the API. It will continue to operate and provide the new payment options immediately.

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