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Why you need an IBAN

Why you need an IBAN

Why you need an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
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Are you looking for an International Bank Account you can easily open online to receive funds from Europe (SEPA) or International SWIFT transfer?

HowToPay now offer a solution you provide you or your business your own IBAN in Europe.

As we continue to expand our offering globally many of our customers outside of Europe have found it difficult to get stable secure online Banking without the need for countless documents and travel to visit the bank in Europe.

Forget the banks. We can help you get an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) online within a day.

The wait is now over. based in Europe with offices globally now offer clients IBAN accounts to be able to send and receive money globally.


The reasons to get an IBAN are endless:

  1. Accept Payments Locally within Europe faster
  2. SEPA Payments (SEPA = Single European Payment Area)
  3. Send or Receive money fast within Europe
  4. Send or Receive International SWIFT payments.
  5. Have a local European Bank account for non-European person or company.
  6. Receive funds from Payment Providers such as PayPal or TransferWise.
  7. Send and Receive Payments for your offshore or online business.
  8. Backup to your existing Banking facilities.
  9. Possible taxation advantages
  10. Send money to your European clients faster and cheaper.
  11. Connect to our Digital Wallet for global Payment options.
  12. Use with our Free POS and or Payment Request system.
  13. Accept settlements from Cryptocurrency exchanges if your current bank is not Crypto friendly.
  14. Faster Payment to clients or suppliers.

The possibilities are endless. Especially if you are not currently based in Europe this allows you to operate as if you are.


You can get more information and signup online now at 

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