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Founder Mr Cameron McKean

Founder Mr Cameron McKean

The Rise of Alternative Payment Solutions
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The Rise of Alternative Payment Solutions: Credit Cards Struggle in the Era of Online Payments

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, credit cards, once the stalwart of online transactions, are facing an existential crisis. Designed long before the current global online payment revolution, credit cards are struggling to keep pace with modern trends, leaving consumers feeling increasingly out of control and vulnerable to rising fraud rates. This has paved the way for alternative payment solutions to emerge as the fastest-growing sector in the fintech industry today.

The ubiquity of credit cards in the late 20th century transformed the way people conducted transactions. However, as the digital era dawned and online transactions became the norm, credit cards started to show their age. The cumbersome process of entering long card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes, combined with the increasing threat of cyber fraud, has left consumers seeking more secure and user-friendly payment methods.

Online payment platforms, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency have stepped in to fill the void, offering streamlined and secure alternatives to traditional credit cards. These innovative solutions provide users with a level of control and transparency that credit cards struggle to match. The ability to make seamless transactions with just a few clicks has become the new standard, rendering the traditional credit card checkout process archaic.

One of the primary concerns driving consumers away from credit cards is the surge in fraud rates. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, credit card information has become a lucrative target. The outdated security features of credit cards, such as magnetic stripes and static three-digit CVVs, make them susceptible to hacking and unauthorized access. Alternative payment solutions, on the other hand, leverage advanced encryption technologies and multi-factor authentication, offering users a higher level of protection against fraud.

The fintech industry has responded to this shifting landscape by investing heavily in alternative payment solutions. Start-ups and established players alike are racing to develop cutting-edge technologies that ensure secure, efficient, and user-friendly online transactions. From biometric authentication to blockchain-based systems, the options are diverse, allowing consumers to choose a method that aligns with their preferences and concerns.

As the era of credit card dominance wanes, the rise of alternative payment solutions signals a transformative moment in the fintech industry. The future of online transactions is being shaped by innovation that prioritizes security, convenience, and user control. In this fast-evolving landscape, credit cards must either adapt to the demands of the digital age or risk obsolescence in the face of more agile and secure alternatives.


Founder and CEO Mr Cameron McKean has been a pioneer of global alternative payments for more then 25 years after struggling to operate a telecommunications business after his credit card processing was without warning terminated by his Australian Bank.

This was the start of his journey into Alternative payments that he now shares with his many global clients with over AUD $1.9 Billion in payments and supporting over 2.4 million clients as at December 2023.