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Counter Service Payment in Thailand

Counter Service Payment in Thailand

Counter Service Payments in Thailand
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Counter Payments now available at 7ELEVEN in Thailand. 

HowToPay now accepts payments in Thailand. As a country with over 60 million people the use of Credit Cards is not common. 

As such most bills in Thailand are paid over the counter with a Barcode at your local 7Eleven convenience store. With a store (or 3 ) on almost every street this is the most common payment solution in Thailand. 

Clients enter the store and hand cash over the counter with a unique barcode. The money is accepted and the client receives a receipt for the payment. 

HowToPay has integrated with “Counter Service” in order to assist global merchants to be able to receive safe and easy payments in Thailand. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1. What is a Counter Service option?

Counter Service option provides guests the convenience of paying for online transaction in cash at any counter service/7-Eleven branches nationwide in Thailand. 

2. Can I choose Counter Service option for any online booking?

No, this option is only available for domestic and international flights departing from Thailand. The travel date must be more than 5 days from the day you make your booking.

3. If I select Counter Service option, where do I go to make the cash payment?

You can make the cash payment at any Counter Service/ 7-Eleven branch nationwide in Thailand.

4. If I choose Counter Service option, can I pay in any currency?

No, payment currency is in Thai Baht (THB) Only.

5. Are there any additional charges if I pay via Counter Service?

Yes. A Counter Service of THB50 per guest will be collected. Additionally, payment fee at counters listed below will also be charged.

Amount from1-30,000 THB   Additional Charge THB 30

Amount from 30,001-60,000 THB Additional Charge THB 60

Amount from 60,001-90,000 THB Additional Charge THB 90

6. If I am making a Fly-Thru booking departing from another city with a transit in Thailand, can I pay via the Counter Service?

No, this option is available for guests departing from Thailand only.

7. If I did not take note of the payment reference number, how can I retrieve the information so I can proceed with the cash payment?

An email notification with your payment reference number will be sent to your registered email address as well as be shown in the HowToPay mobile app.

8. How much time do I have to make the cash payment via Counter Service and how will I get my confirmed e-ticket?

Clients are required to make cash payment within 24 hours from the time you make an online purchase or when you have received your payment reference number via an e-mail notification ”Payment Request”. 

After cash payment has been made, your receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

9. Can I make partial payment with Counter Service option?

No, you are required to make full payment as indicated in your “Payment Request”.

10. Can I use the payment receipt from Counter Service/ 7-Eleven as my proof of payment to the merchant I am paying? 

No, as that is not our receipt.  Your official receipt for payment will be sent to your registered e-mail once the payment has been made and we are updated by Counter Service. This may take up to 24 hours to show in our mobile app. 

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