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IBAN is a European Account Number

IBAN is a European Account Number

Get your personal IBAN for EUR accounts now.
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We are pleased to announce that we now issue IBAN’s (European Account Numbers) to all users.

With a personal IBAN you can send and receive domestic SEPA / IBAN transfers directly to your HowToPay IBAN EUR account.

All transactions are visible via our Mobile App or via your online access.

To get your IBAN number simply open a EUR account within the app or online and select “Request IBAN”. Subject to you already passing our KYC (You have supplied your identification documents) your personal IBAN will be supplied to you within 2 working days.

Your IBAN account can send and receive funds to any other European Bank IBAN account.

You may also send or receive international SWIFT payments to your IBAN account.

Very soon you will also be able to order your very own MasterCard Debit card connected to your IBAN account. We will release information on this to existing customers as soon as the service is available to you.


Costs for using your IBAN account are listed below:


Individual Personal Account: 

Monthly Charge: 3.00 EUR


Transaction charge IN: 1.00 EUR

Transaction charge OUT: 1.00 EUR


Business / Company Account: 

Monthly Charge: 5.00 EUR


Transaction charge IN: 1.00 EUR

Transaction charge OUT: 1.00 EUR


Premium Business Account: 

Monthly Charge: 9.99 EUR


Transaction charge IN: 1.20 EUR

Transaction charge OUT: 1.20 EUR


FX Spot Rate / All account types :

Major: 2.5%

Minor: 3.0%

Exotic 5.0%


Swift incoming 3.50 euros

Swift outgoing 15.00 euros


All customers requesting an IBAN must have already completed KYC within our website or mobile app. KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process of uploading government issued ID that is checked against government records. This is a regulatory requirement for all financial institutions. 

More info on KYC is here: 

For a list of other international options to add funds to your HowToPay account see: 

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