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US based Card Processing

US based Card Processing

Credit Card Payments in the USA!
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Elevate Your Business with Credit Card Payments in the USA!


Unlock a world of convenience and growth by embracing credit card payments for your business in the United States! Many US Consumer cards are not enabled for international card processing that’s why our US based card processing option assists you to process Credit and Debit cards from US clients.


✅ Boost Sales: Tap into a broader customer base and increase sales by offering a hassle-free payment option that many prefer. Even Pre-Paid and Gift cards are accepted.


✅ Customer Satisfaction: Provide your customers with the convenience they crave. Accepting credit cards enhances their shopping experience and builds trust in your brand.


✅ Faster Transactions: Say goodbye to the delays of traditional payment methods. Credit card payments ensure swift and seamless transactions, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.


✅ Wider Reach: Open your doors to US customers. Credit cards enable you to cater to a diverse audience, Most Gift Cards, Pre Paid cards are not enabled for non US based payments.


✅ Security & Fraud Protection: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure transactions. Credit card payments often come with built-in fraud protection, safeguarding both you and your customers. We have a strong security system in place to reduce fraud and chargebacks.


✅ Only basic automated KYC is required to process Credit Card payments.


Don't miss out on the advantages of embracing US credit card payments in the USA. Elevate your business, delight your customers, and propel your success! 💳📈


NOTE: This option is for US based card holders only until 01/12/2003 when we will expand it globally.


To enable this option on your existing account today contact [email protected]

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