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Fastest growing instant payment services in the world

Fastest growing instant payment services in the world

PromptPay instant payments in Thailand.
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PromptPay is a real-time proxy payment service developed by Thai Banks. Among the fastest growing instant payment services in the world, PromptPay has helped to grow opportunities for small businesses and create a more inclusive economy for Thai citizens.


Quick to recognise the convenience of PromptPay, Thais have even integrated it into their everyday language, as they’ll frequently say, ‘Let me PromptPay you’, rather than, ‘Let me pay you’.


Latest figures from Bank of Thailand show Thai people and businesses have now registered more than 62.2 million payment proxies — a significant number in a population of just over 70 million. With a more than 100% increase in average daily transactions in the 12 months to August 2021, PromptPay is arguably the fastest-growing real-time payments service in the world.


Customers simply scan a QR code, enter an amount and then confirm and send the payment instantly.



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