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Connecting Hong Kong to Europe

Connecting Hong Kong to Europe

Hong Kong companies are now opening International Bank Accounts in Europe (IBAN).
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Hong Kong has been the center for trading for hundreds of years. Often relying on slow and difficult SWIFT payments to get paid from customers in Europe and abroad.

With recent changes in Hong Kong many have sought to find banking closer to the clients and offshore in order to get paid quickly and provide more local payment options for clients. offers International Bank Account Numbers or “IBAN” for Personal and Business use.

With an IBAN you can receive almost instantly funds from all over Europe using SEPA (Single European Payment Area). In addition, you can use your IBAN to receive funds from other payment Providers quickly and with multi currencies support.

Additional features provided by is direct access to our API for Payment Requests and our global Payment Network allowing small businesses to accept local payments from Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Thailand and many more.


If you are looking for more information or to get your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) simply apply online at

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