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SEPA - Single European Payment Area

SEPA - Single European Payment Area

Australians are now able to get an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) to send and receive payments in Europe like a local.
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Australia has long standing and strong connections to Europe. For this reason, our ties back to Europe are strong. With many companies in Australia trading daily with European customers and suppliers the need for Australians to be able to transact like a local in Europe is even greater than ever.


Unfortunately, while some banks in Australia offer multi currency accounts, they don’t offer you an IBAN to send and receive funds directly in Europe. The need to send a SWIFT or International Money transfer is still the normal way of doing business.


Not anymore. Now Australians can apply online for their own IBAN giving them access to send and receive money just like they were in Europe. Being able to access the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) for instant payments makes a big difference. The confidence that comes with being able to use local payment solutions within Europe makes a big difference for many that have already started using our IBAN solution.


Unlike a Bank, also offers a Payment API to integrate online shopping carts into our global Payment solutions. Your existing shopping cart can be integrated to receive SEPA and many other payment solutions without ever needing to wait for a SWIFT payment or the risks attached to credit cards.


Transferring funds back to your Australian regular Bank account could not be easier as we don’t rely on International SWIFT payments. In most cases the funds clear the same day to your Australian Bank Account. Saving you time and money.


For more information on HowToPay and to apply for your IBAN today see or email [email protected] should you have any questions.

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