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The HowToPay digital wallet app is a smartphone application to make QR and online Payments.

Global Payment Options

Global Payment Options

Current Payment Integrations Available
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Confidia - HowToPay Global Payment Integrations as at September 2023.

Current local Payment options supported by our Payment API are:

(Rates are based on risk factors).



1. PayID.

2. Bank Deposit, NAB, ANZ, Westpac.

3. BPAY (Overnight with high limits).

4. Postal Cheque and Money Order.

5. Bitcoin.


New Zealand

1. Bank Deposit, BNZ.



1. Faster Payments (Instant Bank Transfer).

2. Cheque and Money Order (Coming Soon).



1.  ACH, Online Transfers.

2. Credit and Debit Card (Strict KYC).

3. Send Cheque or Money Order (No KYC Required).

4. E-Check.



1. SCB Bank Online Transfer + Credit Card.

2. Kasikorn Bank Transfer + Credit Card.

3. Counter Service. 7 ELEVEN Cash Payments over the counter.

4. Instant “PROMPTPAY” QR code from all banks.

In Thailand most people use mobile banking to make a money transfer to a local bank account to make payments. We have accounts with most major banks making payments fast and easy without the need for Credit Cards (Credit Cards are not common here).




1. IBAN (Bank transfer from any EU Bank, Automated).

2. iDeal (Coming Soon).


4. SOFORT (Coming Soon).

5. Credit / Debit Cards (Up to $1000 per transaction).



1. Instant Bitcoin via API can clear fast and payout in any currency.

2. SWIFT global payments.

3. Credit and Debit Cards from select countries. (Strict KYC).


General Fees:

International Swift Fees (Rates: 50 AUD).

Domestic Swift Fees USA (Rates: 2 USD).

Bitcoin Fees (Rates: 0 USD).

Days to Hold Funds:

(3 to 10 Days depending on risk).


Min Fees / Min Charge per month (2000 AUD).

Onboarding can be completed in less then 7 days.

Payouts available International Transfer. SWIFT, Bitcoin and USDT.


Disclaimer: These rates are subject to change at the discretion of Confidia subject to merchant risk.

NOTE: This page is updated weekly as new payment options become available.  When new options come available no change in API is required all can pass via existing API.


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