What is PayID in Australia
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A person or business pays you by using their mobile or internet banking and choosing the option to make a payment to a PayID instead of a BSB and account number.


When they type in your PayID they will be shown the name you have chosen to display with your PayID, so they can check they are paying the right person before making the payment.


Once the payment is made, the money will arrive into your account in real-time*.


If you’re with the person paying you, open your banking app and watch the money appear instantly in your account.


Need to make a fast payment to a person or business? Ask for their PayID and log in to your mobile or internet banking.


To make a payment, simply choose the option to pay to a PayID instead of a BSB and account number.


Once you’ve put in the PayID details you will be shown the name of the person or business associated with that PayID.


If it’s correct, confirm the payment, and the money will transfer instantly* to the account you are paying.


Payments are procedded same day. 


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