Simple and Secure Instant PayID payments

Simple and Secure Instant PayID payments

Make a PayID payment in Australia
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Australian’s can now make instant PayID payments from any Australian bank Account.

This is the most secure way for customers to send payments online replacing older systems.


No Credit Card Required.

No need to give out your Bank Details.

No fear of additional charges.

Customers Sends instant payment instead of Merchant taking payments.

Safer way to send money and make payments online.

Includes QR Code to be able to scan and pay from your existing online banking mobile app.

Supported by all major Australian Banks.


Making a payment from a mobile app: 


Making a Payment by scanning QR Code on an invoice or Payment Request. 


Making a payment from an email "Payment Request". 


HowToPay now offers API integration solutions for business customers to be able to accept instant PayID payments online.

For assistance please email [email protected]


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