HowToPay Digital Wallet

HowToPay Digital Wallet

Understanding the HowToPay digital wallet mobile apps
HowToPay HowToPay

HowToPay is a Digital Wallet that can be used online or from our Mobile App. 

HowToPay wallet has the ability to refill it with credits to be able to make fast in person contactless and online payments. Business clients benefit from 0% transactions that have “no chargeback risk”. Payments are instant and the Sender and Receiver have clear details of the transactions. 

The core to the security of the wallet is that users must PUSH or SEND payments. Nobody has the ability to take money out of a wallet. This means unless the user agrees to the Payment Request and or sends the money (Possibly via scanning a QR code) then the credits are safe in the wallet. 

Some basic features are: 

1.       Mobile app is free to download for iPhone and Android.

2.       Users must upload ID prior to use. (Meeting KYC) 

3.       Users can download a statement from the website or app. 

4.       Any business can setup a free wallet, print the QR code and accept secure payments. 

5.       Users will be able to share the credits from other users (Same as a Payment)

6.       Merchants can either sell credits and or make “Pay Out to Bank” requests. 

7.       All transactions are from approved “KYC passed” users. For AML requirements. 

8.       Clients can upgrade to a business account in order to be able to transfer credits to a Bank Account (Additional charge)

9.       Business Users will have access to a POS page to see live incoming Transactions. 

The aim of the App is to be easy to use so we can quickly spread its use across the world as a mobile based Digital wallet. Allowing users to send safe free payments without using a Credit or Debit card. 

As an example we intend to offer the ability in Thailand to Top Up at Convenience shops using cash. This process will give instant credit to the customer on the app as soon as they make payment. 

This gives the user a fast way to make electronic (contactless) payments and to be able to pay online or in person without the need for a credit card or linking of a bank account. 

In small towns etc some merchants may allow “Cash Out” options to clients that need to remove the credits from the Digital Wallet. The client would make the free payment to the merchant and get cash back in exchange. 

We intend to network with other Retail shops around the world to accept our Digital Wallets for payments. By having Petrol Stations, Supermarkets and other reputable retailers accepting cash payments to credit our HowToPay Digital wallet this will make the product more popular. 

The core aim here is to create a Payments system outside of the Credit Card and Banking system. This is what Bitcoin was trying to do but with the unstable value of bitcoin has become unworkable. Also with the time it takes to complete a Bitcoin transaction our solution is more viable. 

The other problem with Bitcoin is it can’t meet KYC and AML requirements by its very design. However with our solution all users must provide ID in order to “Activate” the digital wallet as such we have full information of all users. Additional information from the app can also be acquired such as Location, IP and phone details etc. 

Marketing and Promotions:

Some business clients may wish to offer special offers to client that pay via HowToPay Wallet. In exchange business will get contact information of the client to use to build its social media and direct marketing. 

HowToPay has been operating for over 20 years with over 1 million clients globally. With our new mobile app we look forward to the feedback from our clients so we can constantly improve our systems and mobile apps. 

Welcome to a better way to pay! 

Download the app from our homepage today. (Its Free!) 

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